• Better Handling
• Longer Tread life
• Faster Operational Speeds
• Less Downtime
• Better Fuel Efficiency

Transporter Tires unlock the full potential of your trailer. Transporter’s patented and superior technology delivers better performance and quality at a lower cost. Transporter Tires deliver better fuel efficiency, better trailer handling, at higher operational speeds with less downtime!

Transporter Tires were developed here in the USA, and not in some far away country. Transporter Tires will change how you drive your trailer. Better handling at FASTER SPEEDS!

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Transporter Tires


Transformative Engineering

Transporter STR tire design is raising the bar on utility trailer tire performance. Loaded with benefits, the modern tread design delivers improved durability and carrying capacity with a smaller environmental footprint.

Brand Integrity

Manufactured to deliver the highest levels of safety, reliability and comfort, our company stands behind every Transporter tire. You can drive with confidence when your trailer is fitted with Transporter tires.

USA Engineered

Designed and engineered in the USA, the Transporter Tire is the only trailer tire solution made with 100% American engineering. Transporter Tires are friend-shored. American engineers are available to assist you with any engineering questions.

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